More trophy bucks from the Adirondacks! If you hunt the Adirondacks, e-mail your photo or mail me the photo and I will scan your picture for you. Hope to see YOU in the Adk Trophy Room!!

 Stan  A great 9 pointer 200 lbs tracked down in the Adirondacks.

 Ron  ...Another nice Adirondack 8 pointer...HE's A KEEPER!

Ron'sgang  gets two!...fresh snow is a plus and puts a smile on everyone's face in the Adirondacks.

Tom  Ventre's   nice Central Adirondack buck.

Cat-Irondackhunter Drop camp buck.

Brian Cat- Irondack hunter.

Brim Cat-Irondack hunter.

Eddie & Mike  Cat-Irondack hunter.

Dave  tracked this young buck for 4 hours and several miles.  Sometimes the size of the buck is less important than the hunt for an Adirondack Whitetail.

Tim ; shot this great 10 pt buck at the last minute of his 2002 hunt.  He knew the rut was on and never gave up.  Nice buck Tim!.

Jeff  This awsome 11 pointer was taken by Jeff.  He used the wagon train guide service from my website. Great buck Jeff.

Matthew and his gang  Adk Buck

George  and his friend smile over his hard earned Adirondack Whitetail.

The Keen Gang  had a fine morning finding these two Adirondack Whitetails.

Mike  and friends paddled into the back country for a day hunt to get this nice 10 pt Adirondack Buck.

Chip  took this nice 10pt on his Adirondack hunt.

Dave  Dave scored on this Clinton County Adirondack buck.

John  took this nice Adiorndack buck in 2004 near Speculator.

John  followed up with another wilderness buck in 2006. Keep it up John!

Another John  tagged his wilderness buck near speculator in 2002. Nice one John!

George  Rutt  got his first Adirondack Buck and when you hunt hard for years that first one is soooo sweeeet.  Good work George!

CVS Camp  Frank, sent me this nice 19 pt Southern Adk buck that his Camp buddy shot on a drive.